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Welcome to CIO For Hire

In our tech-centric culture, it's impossible to have a competitive advantage without embracing some form of technology and digital services. And yet, many companies don't see the return on investment when it comes to technology.

In-conjunction maintaining cost control over telecom/data, keeping up with current best practices, policies/trends, can be overwhelming.

I'm here along with my team to provide leadership and expertise, so fortunately, there’s no need to navigate uncharted territory alone. 

Web Development

Basic sites to advanced solutions that compliment the business objectives. Integration between key applications is essential for increasing productivity and efficiency.


Telco and data lines have many options depending on the need. We have relationships with all the major carriers, and can cut costs dramatically with your VoIP, Fiber, and all realted data needs. 

Project Management

Applying best practices to ensure your projects are well planned, contain a quantifiable scope, include stakeholder involvement,  and risk assessed. Foundations for success.

Strategic and Tactical Planning 

Laying out a technical strategic plan, which is aligned with top-level business objectives to maximize growth and allow for scalability.